Monday, June 23, 2008


I think not. Still sick, yet well enough to drive to the bank and fail at depositing an important check. At least I got my Starbucks.

It isn't that I enjoy messes, I just don't mind them. This is something I'm thinking I might need to change by the time I get married. Something tells me that the Proverbs 31 woman was not a big fan of messes, or anything unclean at all. My mom doesn't like it too much either.
I wish somebody would come visit me. Maybe bring me some soup. I really don't like soup all that much. In fact, there are very few soups that I actually will eat, but the gesture would be nice. More orange gatorade might be nicer. But all I'm really asking for is the company. I'm bored out of my mind. What do you do when you're sick, fasting from the time consuming myspace, and feel like artisticism (i'm pretty sure i made that word up) is going to explode out of you? I want to color and draw and paint and make things that other people would find fasinating. I can't seem to get it out of me, though. I wish it'd rain again. Maybe I'll make some green tea or something. MmMmmm.

I think she likes to pretend that she's sick when I am. It gives her an excuse to be lazy. She won't pay any attention to me. She wouldn't shut up this morning. I should probably feed her. Speaking of food, I'm starving.

What was it, Tiffany? A watchful phone will never ring? Somewhere along those lines. I haven't really been watching it. I actually don't know where it is at this moment, like most days. I left it alone for two hours on vibrate yesterday and came back to three voicemails. I really like it when that happens.

I should finish the other half of my quiet time. I did not do yesterdays devotion, which really makes me mad. So I'm doing yesterdays and todays. Yesterday was about keeping in God's Word. Which is realy ironic because I was just talking to Joel last night about the importance of being in God's Word daily, and spending that time with Him. Yet I, myself, was convicted this morning about my time consuming activities every day that have nothing to do with God's glory. I need to memorize scripture and consume myself in it every day. Cure from boredom? Keep working on James. I'm attempting the memorize the book. Five chapters. So far? I've got about half of chapter one. I should probably get going on that. If I can memorize an hour long play in middle school, I can memorize five little chapters of my good friend, James. I really like him. So does Samantha. I can't choose between James and Paul. Paul's got it going on. Yet James has got some wisdom exploding from his words.

Guess they aren't really his words. God-breathed, right?

No love is higher

No love is wider

no love is like your love oh Lord

Here is love

I'm starving.

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Joel said...

Looks like you've been touching up that Holy Ground artwork. But you aren't supposed to touch up masterpieces!

I want to memorize Romans.