Sunday, June 22, 2008


"Life Flows" It sounds lame.

But Charlie Hall made it sound pretty darn good when He said "Life flows from God" redundantly in "You are God". That was running through my mind from the speakers of my laptop when I was asked to "Title" my blog. It works, yeah?

So I've decided to start 'blogging' again. I copy-catted Sadie. I saw hers earlier, and it made me want to talk about myself a lot. I'm not sure who exactly I'm thinking will read this. If I weren't fasting from Myspace, I would 'post a bulletin' (yeah, I'm cool). But for now, I'll stick with sending Princess SayD and Joel the URL so they can read about my life as they please.

I thank God for Chris Tomlin.

"Greater things have yet to come, Greater things are still to be done in this city."

I suppose today's been off. I hate being sick. Once a month I get a wonderful surprise, and along with it comes a head cold. I'm used to it by now. But all of this sugar from the gatorade is going to gain me back all of the pounds I've so recently shed. And that's never cool.

I'm really missing Sadie. I'm missing a lot of things really. I have so much to sort out. I'm getting old, which kinda sucks. I mean, life is enjoyable, sure. I love life. But life throws a lot out there that I'm not really ready for. Things I'd like to think I'm ready for, but if I were to honestly be honest (you like that?), I'm probably not ready at all. Pray Pray Pray. That's what they tell me. And by they I mean myself.

I'm making zero sense tonight. I need sleep, but that doesn't make me want it. It is 1:26 in the AM and I'll probably sleep until noon tomorrow. Which isn't always bad. I just know I'll wake up miserable.

I've been so self concious lately. I remember times I actually looked in the mirror and enjoyed what I saw. I like this being something that really nobody reads. You can't post stuff like that on Myspace, otherwise you'll look as though you're searching for compliments and you'll receive lame comments like "oh, you're so pretty, don't say stuff like that". And I just never got that. I hate it when people try to tell me how 'attractive' they believe I am when I feel not-so-much. Regardless of how they feel like complimenting me that day, it doesn't really change the fact that I'm just not feeling it. Why did I even start rambling about this anyway?

I love my Jesus. As corny and Christian cliche as that sounds, i really really do. I can't imagine life without Savior by my side, in my heart. He consumes me, and I just really really like that. I missed church today. That's never fun.

life life life.

I wonder how long I'll actually keep up with this thing. Good first post, yeah?

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Sadie said...

You're lucky I'm not there to hear you complain about the way you look :)

You're beautiful and God created you individually and that should be something you're thankful for, ya know?

Just remember that day in the car when we talked about it. Keep your head up, hope you're feeling better!