Sunday, June 29, 2008


Thanks, Mr. Chuck. I've borrowed your guitar, but I might already be starting to regret it. My fingers hurt simply typing this out. I cut off all my fingernails so that they wouldn't interfere with this...newly developed hobby of mine? Maybe not developed. Maybe...interested. Whatever the case, I think it sucks.

I don't think Joel's going to let me give up that easily though. Too bad when I first started I had all of the strings backwards (as in 6th string was 1st string and the other way around). So when I finally had "G chord" (or what I thought was G chord) and "C chord" (again, what I thought to be so), I had to erase all I had memorized and start all over with a new set of strings in mind. Well, this sucks. But I'm getting it. Slowly but surely. We'll see...

I've got to tell you, tonight was the most amazing church service I have ever been to. That's not an overstatement - it's the God's honest truth. Love is what we learned. I realized tonight that love means a lot more than what I thought it to be. My preconceived notions on the very word have all been tossed away and newly placed understandings of this word's definition have been gently and beautifully placed in my heart. What a wonderful word, love is. To grasp it is to gain an entirely new world of wisdom and wonder. Oh, God, you're love. And I love you for it!

I feel like I need to write more, as though I have a ton of things to spill out. Unfortunately, nothing comes to mind.

Oh, what the heck; The End.

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Joelseph said...

You WILL learn! :)

You have no idea how many songs are made up of the chords C, G, Em, and D. Once you've got those, you can take over the world.

Ok, maybe not really but it'll be sweet to play together!