Thursday, June 26, 2008


A very sweet someone bought me this dress today. Sarah agreed on it's loveliness.
Today really was a lovely day. And I haven't even done my quiet time yet. Therefore, it's bound to get even better.

I woke up late, no surprise there. I must have hit my snooze for an hour. Joel came over around 9:30 and we went out thrift store shopping. Starbucks was, of course, our first stop. Goodwill and Flashbacks was kind to us as we sifted through the racks. I only spent a few dollars, which was nice.

Initiate. There goes that word again.

I'm excited about my time with Jesus, yet I'm so terribly exhausted. All I really want to enjoy right now is sleep. I should pray for some energy. I wish I were more energetic and excited about spending time with the Lord. He is, after all, my Treasure. I'm still stuck on this whole "treating Jesus as a friend, as my treasure" thing. It's something I'm striving to work towards. I want to be one of those great women of God. I want to be a godly, Christ-like woman that shows the world Christ's light through her. I want people to see me, and immediately think about Father. I desire to be that city on a hill. I'm nowhere close, and I know the only way I can get there is through God's Word and seeking Him out whole-heartedly, no matter the cost. Even (or especially) when I'm exhausted.That isn't easy work.

"I'm created for you alone
Bought with the price I'm not my own
I'm seated in the heavenlies
There's no place I'd rather be
Than with you forever, Lord
You are my Treasure"

Sadie, I miss you more every day.
( you aren't dead, by the way XD )


Joelseph said...

Man, that's a pretty dress. That sure is a nice someone!


Sadie said...

Soo.. I was coming to comment you. And saw Joel's name as Joelseph which totally makes me miss MY JOEL. Because I call him Joelseph (sometimes) haha

ANYWAYS. I like that dress. :):):):)

Aaaaaaaand, so glad I'm not dead:)