Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Thanks to Joel's incredible bravery, I got to realize yesterday just how lovely the island out on our pond is. The view really changes things. It's something...different. And I like it. So, today, I had lunch on the island. Of course, I didn't stay very long because there must have been a million ants. But it was new, which is nice. New is often nice.

Spent half of my day with my best friend. Sarah always feeds me;

I adore her, I really do. Thank you God for giving me such an incredible blessing in my life. You bless me more than I deserve. In fact, I deserve the opposite of your blessings. What love is this, Father? I'm so lost in it, trying to understand it, trying to comprehend it. I cannot. I fail. I fall short of grasping the entirety of this love you have for me. Why, Father? Jesus, tonight I pictured you on the cross, and I cried. I saw you there, thinking about me, knowing the things I would do, the pain I would cause you, the rejection I would throw at you...yet you completed it. You never stopped. You could have. You could have easily quit. But you stayed. You stayed for me. I just don't get it, but thank you. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

Sarah, you're beautiful.

I'm stressed. I'm aggravated. I'm annoyed. I'm upset. I'm hurt. I'm bored.
But God's still good. God's amazingly good. I'm so blessed.
Stop complaining, Kristi.

Add on;;
So I'm watching TV 20 - a special on Todd Bentley. Oh, it proves even more to me that he isn't real. I've been asking for proof this entire time. I told Sarah that if I only saw actual proof that all of these miracles and healings and rising from the dead events were actually real, I would believe it. Well, when NightLine asked Todd Bentley to provide them with actual medical records of all of these events, to show proof...He could not. Instead, he sent a binder full of papers containing stories, half-filled out forms, and all doctor's offices and clinics were marked out. No proof, none.
Thank you God, for revealing this man's true identity.


Understated Jenn said...

so, this is really random, I'm leaving a comment on a complete stranger's blog. I was just browsing that next blog button. I really like your pictures. They seem to have a really fresh perspective. I also really like and appreciate your last comments: i'm bored, hurt, angry, ... God is still Good. Thanks for the reminder...

Joelseph said...

This blog, while great, shows an extreme lack of your beautiful face.

Joelseph said...

About Bentley,

I may have a chronic doubting disease, but I occasionally have suspicions that I feel are pretty well-placed and substantial. He was one of them.

I don't know why I'm not more vocal about my views. I mean, I do get something right every once in a while.


Sadie said...

First of all, I MISS SARAH. She's so pretty, realllly, she is. It's annoying. Tell her I miss her?



JHHAHAHAHAHAHHA I crack myself up.