Thursday, July 10, 2008


There's something beautiful about God's way. There's something also confusing, scary, and difficult about it. But what's most wonderful is that it never fails. I pray I stay on track. I pray I don't lose focus. I pray that Christ remains center. Always. Forever.

To express through words in a blog how I'm feeling today would be useless, because everything would fall short. I'm blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I wish I could say the same thing in the hard times. But at this point in my life, things are changing for the good - and I love it.

Honduras, you've only got a couple of days left without me...

God be with me. God be in me.

My tired eyes need sleep. My mind needs rest. My heart needs a break - it's been on a high now for weeks. Can't say it's coming down anytime soon. I think I like it that way, yeah?

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thebeautifulway said...


I'm waiting [not so] patiently for a "Honduras was AMAZING" blog.