Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boring no picture kinda post

I almost hit and killed a dog driving home from church tonight. I would estimate that there were a good two feet between the animal and the front of my car. I don't think I breathed (or closed my mouth) for the rest of the ride home. I pray that never happens again.

I would have to admit that if I'm going to get hit on anywhere, it should be at church. Yeah? Well, too bad I was not interested whatsoever. However, I would agree that any guy with enough guts and courage to confidently come up and attempt to make a pass at a girl has got some mad points in my book. So, kudos to the random guy that tried talking to me tonight. Hope it works next time!

I had a photo job today; Shelby's senior pictures. It was a fun shoot, and I really enjoyed myself. Minus the disgusting heat. I also took a trip to Flashbacks, as well as stop at a music shop and buy a guitar book and some picks. I really think I'm getting the hang of this whole guitar thing. I'm actually starting to get it, and enjoy it.

Joel and I talked a lot last night about worship, and what the purpose of it actually is. He's taught me so much about myself and the things that I really just don't get most of the time, and he doesn't even know he's doing it. I thank God for him. Every day I get up and at some point have my quiet time. During this quiet time I expect one thing; to get a warm and fuzzy worship feeling of God's presence.

That's a problem.

The purpose of a devotion, of worship time at church, of service, of prayer, is not to get a good feeling from God. It isn't to be blessed. It isn't to feel His presence. It isn't to get happy in the Word. The sole purpose of worship (as far as God is concerned) is to sacrifice your time and yourself for God and give back to Him in thankfulness for what He's given to you. That's it. There is no purpose beyond self sacrifice of worship. If you have any other motive than to die to yourself when you come to God, then you are doing it all wrong. And I am often so guilty of this. Don't get me wrong, God wants to bless us. Father enjoys giving us joy and blessings, because He is so loving and so wonderful and more giving than you and I will ever be (I mean, come on, He gave up His SON for us). But our purpose for coming to Him in worship should never be to receive these things. I'm really struggling with this. It's hard to break away from yourself. It's hard to bind the selfishness that selflessness will live. Sacrifice is what it's all about. We're called to be living sacrifices for our Lord. Coming into God's presence is blessing enough, we should never come expecting anything more. We should come regardless of our mood, our wants, our desires; we should come because He gave up His life for us, and no reason beyond.

Thanks for getting me thinking, Joel.

I'd write more, but I really want to keep editing these pictures. Shelby, you looked beautiful today!

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Joelseph said...

Wonderful summary of a wonderful truth. It can be tough to truly get a grip on the fact that it's all about Him.

I emphasize 'truly' because a lot of times these kinds of things become only head knowledge and not a total life-altering realization.

Great words. You're somethin' else, Kristi!