Tuesday, July 1, 2008


On the way home today I prayed "God, give me a butterfly."

Heading out to Gainesville, I was driving down the road thinking on numerous different things, and the next thing I know, I see a beautiful black and yellow butterfly flutter onto my windshield, slide upward over my car and, through the view of my rear view mirror, tumble onto the ground to its death. This really broke my heart, and I felt awful. Silly how things like that can actually upset me.

Well, God answered my prayer. Of course, it was dead. But nonetheless, about two or three minutes after my "God give me a butterfly" prayer, I found one as I pulled into my driveway. I think it was the faith. It's funny how we only see God answering the big prayer needs. We don't stop to think that maybe God wants to answer our "blessing" prayers. He doesn't have to bless us, but He wants to. It's like a loving parent that enjoys giving their children the things that they love. God is our Father, and wants nothing more than to give us the desires of our hearts. I honestly knew, the minute I asked Him, that He would provide for me a beautiful butterfly to take pictures of. And that is exactly what He did. He provided for me a butterfly.

Isn't Father beautiful? Isn't He wonderful? I can't get over the fullness of His amazing character. He never ceases to amaze and awe me with His unending blessings and grace. I wish I could tell the world. I wish the world could feel how I feel when Father gives me everything I need, and so many things I desire.

It hasn't been a very productive day as far as getting things done that need to be completed. I still have a messy room to clean, which I am about to start on. And I still have a messy car to clean. Other than that, however, a good few ours out in Gainesville did me some good. I'm still congested, but I'm feeling so much better. Father made me feel so beautiful today. Outwardly, yes, but also inwardly. It isn't of me, or anything that I do to make myself this way; but Christ in me. I truly felt the living God working inside of me and out. This was where the beauty came from, and it's wonderful. I love it when Father puts in me a spirit of beauty for His Kingdom. I love it when His beauty shines out of me. I wish I would allow it to every day.

Overall, everything is amazing.

Joel, I'm really looking forward to our Friday picnic :)


Joelseph said...

Wow, that's all really cool. I'm glad you're having a much better day today. :)

And you have no idea how forward I'm looking to our picnic (if that makes any grammatical sense). :D

Sadie said...

You're cute. I miss you.

...we never had a picnic... I see how it is.