Sunday, July 6, 2008

Life, Life, Life

I wish I could actually get this right for once. I've done it in acrylic...and that didn't' work. I've tried it in pastel...that didn't work either. Black and silver sharpie twice, and those, of course, failed. It's gotten better, but I'm just stuck. Jesus, dance with me.

Today was one of exhaustion and thought. I've got so much on my mind. So much has changed, and it's honestly scary. It's absolutely wonderful, it really is...this whole...relationship thing. God's good, yeah Joel? :) But you're just going to have to bear with me. I've never been good at this, and even more-so now. I keep getting so scared I'm going to mess up, and do this wrong. I pray and I pray and I pray. Everything is falling into place so perfectly. Gosh, life is beautiful. Changes take time to adjust to, and that's fine. I'm okay with it. I'm okay with God's plan. And I adore it. it just takes...adjustment. Twenty bucks says I'll wake up smiling tomorrow morning. My cup is overflowing, and it's so newly wonderful. Lovely, lovely.

Honduras in less than a week and I'm going CRAZY! I need to pack and buy things and prepare my heart! I'm so excited, and I cannot WAIT to see God move. I see something big happening, and I am so ready. God, rock my world! Change me completely.

Who wants to go to the Waffle House? I'm craving some grilled cheese and a check up on Vikki. She's been on my heart so much lately, and I need to make sure she's okay.

PRINCESS SAYD I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY. Please come back soon. I love you so much.


Sadie said...

OH MY GOSH. call me if/when you go!? I miss Vicki, too! I hope she's doing good.

Miss you girlll!

Joelseph said...

Wow, the drawing is great! And Honduras is gonna be stellar. Call ya tomorrow.