Friday, September 26, 2008


I witnessed the most beautiful occurrence tonight, and it's a moment I will never forget.

I went out on a "tract trip" with my Antioch youth girls tonight. It's basically a time we set aside every now and then to get together and go sharing the gospel in the food court at the mall. Some of us actually go up and share the Gospel, some just hand out tracts. I like to talk, so naturally, I'm going to definitely be in the witnessing crowd. I've had so many issues and problems lately, that I've just been drained. I woke up so fatigued today. All I wanted to do was lay around like a bum and sleep. I was not really looking forward to the tract trip, but I prayed to be in the spirit anyway. I will also admit that I was scared and nervous as all get out, as I haven't done this in a long time. Each trip gets better and better, and we always have great stories to tell. But we have yet to, in all of our trips, see a soul saved right then and there. And though we always feel very blessed to have been busy in God's work, we tend to leave somewhat discouraged not having seen anyone accept Christ.

That changed tonight.

I will first tell you that satan definitely stepped in and tried to completely throw me off just within the first five minutes. I went up to a man sitting down and asked if I could talk with him about something. He immediately and maliciously began to shout at me and tell me that what I was doing was soliciting and that I was breaking the law in doing so. He was very puffed up and very angered with me. I was completely thrown off and taken aback by such a hard-hearted response. I was not expecting it. ALWAYS expect satan to show up when you're going out to further God's Kingdom. I politely asked if I could just leave a tract with him; he accepted, but not in kindness. I had to instantly turn around and pray to be in the spirit, and cast satan out of my presence.

It took numerous other attempts and many complicated conversations before I found anybody willing to not only listen, but to receive and respond to my words. I saw a girl and a guy about my age sitting down, and walked up, Bible in hand, and asked if I could talk to them about something. I was waiting for rejection, but God had other plans in mind. I started with the big question I had asked everybody; "Do you know that if you were to die tonight where you would go?" The girl replied that she hoped she would go to heaven. My door was opened.

I'm not sure how long we talked for, but it was definitely for a long time. I explained to them their sin by taking them through four of the ten commandments, each admitting they had broken them. I explained their offense against God, and the punishment they deserved for it. I explained Christ's sacrifice, what it meant, and how it applied. I assured them that there was a way to know they were going to heaven, not just hope for it. We went through everything. With every word I spoke, they listened intently, agreeing with every bit of it. By the time I was finished, I had asked if they agreed; they said yes on every bit of it. She then asked me the question I've always so eagerly waited for on these trips; "So can you tell me what it is that we have to do to be saved?" I explained to her the true belief in heart that was necessary, the confession with her lips, and the repentance of her sins. I explained salvation not as a one time deal, but as a continuing renewal. I told them that they needed to literally give their lives over to Christ, and that if they did, everything in their lives would change. I did not share a candy-coated Gospel. I gave them hard facts, that honestly, I would even have a hard time swallowing. I made sure they knew that giving their lives to Christ meant that their entire worlds would be changed forever. I asked both her and her friend if they were ready to make that commitment right then, and they, without hesitation said yes. We prayed together, and I witnessed two lost souls come into God's Kingdom. they were both beaming. You could, in that moment, literally see Christ come into them and bring them that joy He so beautifully promises. I felt such a connection with them as I told them that they just became my brother and sister in Christ. It was as if I watched the Holy Spirit reside in their bodies. I encouraged them to get Bibles and read them daily. I encouraged them to begin a relationship with Christ and never let it die. I encouraged them to get into church and to connect themselves with other believers. They were ready to live their lives for Jesus Christ. It was so authentic, so amazing, and so God!

Afterwards, while telling the youth group about it, I literally shouted "praise the Lord!". I couldn't contain myself. I had a group of girls at a table staring at me like I was a lunatic. I didn't care. Every fiber in my being wanted nothing more than to jump on a table and shout the gospel across the room to everyone that could hear me. I just wanted to praise God, and praise Him loudly.

Jesus has a grip on my heart tonight. There's a fire burning violently in my soul. I'm literally consumed in the spirit and it's amazing.

God is amazing.

So please pray for my new brother and sister in Christ, Emily and Josea, as I will be every day. It is so easy to say a prayer and then fall away. But I trust with all my heart that this is not the case in their lives. I trust and have confidence that God changed two lives tonight, and has brought new ambassadors into His Kingdom. And it's amazing.

Satan, you have no authority over me. I conquered you tonight. You are never welcome anywhere near me. I have power over you.

CHRISTIANS: SHARE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST WITH EVERYONE. I mean EVERY PERSON you come in contact with. Let Christ be the only thing on your lips. Let souls be saved simply because you talk, and the talk on your mouths is that of salvation. SAVE SOULS! People are dying every single day and going to hell. Souls are being eternally punished, and they have no way out. There are thousands of people around you DAILY that are headed straight for hell. And WE are required to turn them from their ways. If we don't, their blood with be required at our hands;

When I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand.
Ezekiel 3:18

WE ARE RESPONSIBLE! Preach the Gospel. If you do nothing else in this life, preach the Gospel. Tell people about Jesus Christ. They need Him. People are dying without Him. Do something about it. Follow the great commission every moment of your life. Let your every breathe speak of man's sin and God's grace. Let nobody on this planet go to hell unwarned.



Joelseph said...

Amen! Wonderful testimony.

Hey, I'm leavin for New York in just a few hours. If you think about it, remember to pray for me.

the_art_of_letting_go said...

I just wrote something similiar about utilizing the opportunities God's gives us to shine as lights and extend that love. Praise the Lord for the salvation of the two you ministered to and shared the Gospel with today. I will be lifting them up in prayer.