Thursday, September 25, 2008

I will readily admit

I've been a jerk towards the world today.

I woke up and slept on and off until about 11 this morning.
And I've since been locked in my room.

Well, things are changing. I''m in need of another job. So I'm going to get up, get dressed, and go apply at Gainesville Health and Fitness. I can only pray the entire way over that I can get an automatic spot in. From what I'm hearing, they're needing work. It's worth a shot, and it's much better than a desk job.

I'd give up quite a bit to just gain more hours at Merle Norman.
Unfortunately, I don't see that happening too soon.

The air is beautiful. This is by far the most wonderfully breezy day of the year, and I'm absolutely in love with it.
What is God trying to tell me today?
I wish I more often woke up with that question immediately on my mind. I open my eyes and I pray, "God, what do you want for me in the next 24 hours?" I can only imagine the kind of life I would lead if I did that. And I think I'll start today. Faith is something far beyond what I've known it to be this past year or so. I'm learning so much more about my Father daily - and it's beautiful.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

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