Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Back

So I recently decided to stop worrying about this whole Calvinist thing, leave it alone, and basically never speak of it again.

But you all know I can't ever keep my mouth shut! I kinda like it that way. I mean, what if Paul had decided never to speak on or write about such important issues ever again!? Christians need big hearts and big mouths. I'm a big-mouthed Christian.

I thought about it and came to the following conclusion; I have a blog. In that blog, I am free to write about anything and everything my heart desires. The blog's purpose is to give me room to rant and rave about all I would like. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to discuss things I'm learning and understanding on the very subject of God's Sovereignty VS Man's Free Will (as much as I loathe stating it that way). I bought an incredible book today titled "Debating Calvinism." Nope, it's not one-sided either. It's actually a book written by both Dave Hunt (free will advocate) and James White (doctrines of grace advocate). It's basically a 400 page debate on the whole subject between the two men. It includes writings from both sides along with refutations from the opposing side. It's been amazing so far, and I've only finished the introductory writings from both sides. I've decided that every time I finish a section, I will write about it here, discussing refutations, arguments, agreements, anything I want. Because guess what! This is my blog! I can do what I want. Ha, kidding...

...Well, sorta.

Anyway, I'm really excited because I love to read about things I'm interested in. I love even more writing about them. My next post will be that of my first review and comments on the introductory chapters of the book.

This is going to be a fun, long process.

I love you, Jesus. Please help me not lose focus on YOU, and the fact that the intentions and motives should never be to make a point, make myself look good, make myself look intelligent, or to prove others wrong. Allow my eyes to be opened to the fact that I am completely wrong so that be the case. I'm willing. I want you glorified only. Put me away, that you may shine. And allow me to grow even closer in my walk with you daily as I discover new truths from your Word and what you say about my entire salvation. I love you regardless of what I might learn. You're still God.

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