Monday, September 22, 2008

Rise And Shine

And give God the glory glory...

Today is a brand new day. Though it may not be a great one. It may not be one of success, of hope, of excitement. It is a new day nonetheless, and I will treat it as such. I will treat it as though God Himself has woken me up this morning whispering "Kristi, today will be beautiful for you." Because I don't know even what the next five minutes will bring. There's something beautiful about trusting in The Lord for your guidance and strength. There's something beautiful about placing every ounce of faith that you have in Father and watching Him work. I love watching Him work. I'm to the point where I'm smiling at the mention of His name. I've always wondered in church why people will repeat "Jesus" over and over and over again - like twenty times in a row. I found out last night the purpose behind it. It's because just saying that name brings life. There's something so precious and so vital about the name of Jesus Christ that stirs up something in my soul and melts my heart away for Him. I repeated His name again and again last night, and I'm just itching to do the same today.

Get behind me, satan.
You don't stand a chance today.

I am a threat to my enemy.

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