Sunday, September 7, 2008

Current Gripes

Okay, so I went to Rock The Universe '08 with Sarah and her family. And, of course, the experience was a blast and I am so happy I went. But, as with all good, there comes the bad. And I've got just a few bad things to complain about. I figured I don't complain enough (that's a joke), so I'll just dedicate a blog to nothing but complaining. Here are my top three gripes from Rock The Universe 2008 - They're legitimate.

Gripe #1
Youth Groups

Okay, so the body of Christ (or, shall I say, those who claim to be so) has completely broken my heart and made me embarrassed to be linked to most of them as of this weekend. I can't recall seeing such misrepresentation of Jesus Christ than I have these past couple of days. Don't get me wrong; it wasn't all bad. There were some people there after God's heart and nothing but. There were people there seeking the Lord, and people there that truly loved God and not the things of this world. But then there were those who were the complete opposite.
Sarah and I stood in line for The Mummy (Amazing ride, btw) for a good twenty minutes or so. It was loud, obnoxious, and just all out crazy. But the worse part about it was the people standing in front of us in the line. It was a group of three girls and a guy, probably around my age. They were loud, obnoxious, slanderous, they gossiped, cursed, and were quick to talk about sexual things. All in all, they were the perfect model of how not to act like a Christian. And they just did not care. And they all had on their Rock The Universe orange wristbands. Taking words from Sarah; the sad part about it was they were probably a part of a youth group.
Sarah and I didn't talk much those twenty minutes. I mainly stood there and watched this group of kids. You could say I eavesdropped, but I wouldn't really call it eavesdropping when people 100 heads back could hear them clearly. Like I said; they were very loud.
I don't like to judge people. And I know it's wrong to do so. But as time progressed, I began not to be angry or judgemental, but heartbroken. As I told Sarah on the way out of the ride, I just felt bad for them. First of all, it is very obvious they were not saved. When you are a true, born again believer in Jesus Christ, you will never openly and proudly act as this group of kids did. God will not have it, and you will never want to. Someone that has been rescued from sin and destruction by Jesus Christ, and has had their hearts transformed and regenerated will never desire to act as they acted. I'm not judging. I'm stating discerned facts. There was no conviction, no carefulness, nothing. It was pure selfishness and ungodliness - and no child of God would act in such a way. So the first and foremost thing I was heartbroken over was the fact that they just don't have what I have. They aren't experiencing an every day intimate relationship with the Creator of this world. They don't wake up with hope for guidance, for love and peace. They don't have a strong tower to run to for refuge when things get bad. And they have no eternal security with Father. And that alone completely breaks my heart.
But here's another thing that upset me; the fact that they either A) think they are Christians, or B) other people think they are Christians because they are a part of a youth group at a christian concert event. And both are bad; really bad. Because with option A, they are arrogant and ignorant towards what having a relationship with Jesus really is, and they are probably less likely to actually come to grace, because they think they already have it. And the problem with option B is that other people will get the wrong idea of what being a Christian truly is and will either 'become a christian' with false assumptions and idea or, on the other side, be completely turned off and see Christians as even more hypocritical than we already are.
In any of the above cases, it's just sad. It makes me embarrassed to say I'm a Christian. Not because I'm ashamed of Christ. I am ALL but ashamed of Christ. But because of the label that is placed on Christians because of how so-called believers make us look. I am nothing like those girls that were in front of us, but they probably think they are a lot like me. I wanted to reach out to them. I wanted to, right there in that line get on my knees and beg them to repent, turn to Christ, and have their lives completely changed.
Guess what I didn't do.
I prayed for them later that night, and I need to continue to keep them in my prayers. My heart just broke for them. And not just them, but for all of the other loud, obnoxious misrepresentations of Christ that were there this weekend. Because there were way too many to count. Unfortunately, the world sees that and thinks that it's Christianity. I long to show them different.

Gripe #2
False Teachings

"There are only two kinds of people; those who are saved, and those who are still in the process."
Wait. WHAT? You're kidding me right. So let me reiterate that I loved Rock The Universe and would go back if given the opportunity next year. I'll go ahead and get that out there before I continue. But what is up with the false teachings? Maybe I misunderstood. Or maybe the speaker misspoke. He might not have intended to say something so false. But he did. And I'm only banking on that nobody accepted that statement as truth. Because it's far from it. Not all unsaved people are in the process of being saved. Some unsaved people, as much as it breaks my heart and completely tears me up inside, will never be saved. They are never in the process of being saved. They will die. They will go to hell. There have been, still are, and are always going to be people in this world that will never accept Christ. Therefore, they will never be in the process of being saved.
I really don't have much more than that to say. But it really bugged me when he said that. And I wanted to list it as a gripe of mine.

Gripe #3

I kiss my boyfriend in public. I hug him, I hold his hand, I make sure that everybody we're around knows that I am so very in love with him, and that he has my heart. I could do it all day long; just show my affections in front of others. Doesn't bother me a bit. I like to see other couples do it too! In fact, I wish every couple did it. I wish we all showed a little more love in public. I want to see more little hearts in eyes when I walk out my doors. It just makes the world a better place, in my opinion, to see other people love and adore other people.
But there's a fine line. And once you cross it, I lose all appreciation for PDA.
PDA. Public Display of Affection. But now that I'm thinking about it, what I've recently witnessed was more like PDS - Public Display of Sexuality. And it's disgusting.
So we're in line for the Mummy again (I'm seeing a pattern - aren't you?) and me, Sarah, and Mrs. Becky are all chillin out, waiting to get on the ride, and Mrs. Becky leans over and whispers to me "I think these two need to get a room". I look behind me and Sarah, and I see this guy, probably no older than 20, with his body all up against this girl, maybe 18 or 19 years old. He's got his hands rubbing up and down her sides, she's all laid out on him, with this sexual smile on her face; and it's just gross. That was not a public display of affection. They had other thoughts on their minds. And typing it out now makes me want to throw up. I mean, there were kids around! At one point, they were behind me, and basically touching me with their PDS. I had to like hop over to the other side of the walkway. And they continued on with their...stuff. They did not stop touching the entire time. Even when we got ON the ride, I looked behind me and they were still all up on each other. Seriously, get a room.
But get married first.


Okay, end of gripes.
Maybe I'll think of more later.

I get to see an amazing boy tomorrow. And it couldn't come soon enough.
How'd I get so lucky?
Thank you, God :)

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the_art_of_letting_go said...

i loved the gripes post because some of your exact thoughts/feelings/concern/complaints/gripes..have def floated through my mind at one time or another.