Sunday, October 19, 2008

Broken Promises

"God never breaks His promises."

These were words that came out of Pastor Mike's mouth numerous times in today's sermon. And they were words I needed to hear. Lately he's been preaching on the "upper room" (Acts) and how God will tell us to go to the upper room and wait. And sometimes we're waiting for a really long time, because God usually doesn't give us a time frame. His words are usually "wait" and "trust", and that's about all He tends to give us. Today pastor Mike emphasized the fact that our Father in Heaven cannot break the promises He so abundantly gives to us. No matter how many times human beings have failed us; God cannot. No matter how many promises human beings have broken; God stands true.

No matter how many times my father, brother, friends, boyfriends, or anybody else have promised to love me, care for me, be there for me, commit to me - and failed...God will never. God isn't like them. He isn't like the dad that broke a promise to always be there. He's not like the brother that broke a promise to never lose touch. He isn't like the friend that broke a promise to never lend a deaf ear. He's not like the boyfriend that broke a promise to never leave. He's God and He is true. He cannot hurt me, fail me, leave me, or break a promise He's made to me. And that is so comforting. Having lived a life filled with broken promises and empty commitments, false hopes and meaningless words, it is so wonderful, so amazing, and so warming to know that I have One that will never let me down - that finds it impossible to fail me. The most beautiful, never-failing promise I could ever be given...the promise of the Father.

I've been stuck in that upper room for a little while now, and it's felt like an eternity. I don't know how long He'll keep me here. I've gotten here as a result of broken commitments and empty hopes. God placed me here, I know it. And resting in that is wonderful. He's the only one keeping promises lately. I'm so joyful to be in the one commitment that the other party can never walk out on. He's in it for life...for all of eternity.

"Sometimes the devil has you right where God wants you."

Sovereignty can be so comforting.
All things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose, yeah?

They will fail me a thousand times over.
He never will.

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