Saturday, October 4, 2008


This isn't in inspirational blog post whatsoever.

I did Remy's makeup for the Homecoming dance last night.
It literally took us an hour to paint her face up.
And half an hour to fix her hair.
It was a BLAST!

...She looked GORGEOUS


...I was helping her practice "grinding"

...But I do not grind.

Fun, it was.

As far as today was incredible.

Step 1. Wake up at Sarah's wearing the same clothes and makeup I had on yesterday.

Step 2. Go out to breakfast and completely ruin the first day of my diet.

Step 3. Have a GATOR PARTY at my hizzouse with Remy, John, and the Runyons.

Step 4. Watch the Gators eat PIG STEW

Step 5. Go to Best Buy with Rem and John and play their guitars and drums

Step 6. Go bowling and BEAT THEM BADLY

Step 7. Have Coldstone on John (he had a giftcard)

Step 8. Fly home

I'll write something "potent" tomorrow.

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