Monday, November 3, 2008

Proud and Proven

Sometimes I really just want to prove myself as something.

Prove myself faithful.
Prove myself worthy.
Prove myself wanted.
Prove myself responsible.
Prove myself accepted.
Prove myself reliable.
Prove myself needed.
Prove myself intelligent.
Prove myself able.

Prove myself humble.

Funny how pride will override all of your desires.

And I always want to pretend it isn't pride. I always want to act like being proud is not my reason for wanting to prove myself to be something great and incredible. Lately I've felt so unincredible. I've felt so ordinary. And I feel like I need someone to tell me that I'm extraordinary.

Pride came before the fall.
Pride comes before the fall.

I've been a terrible mess today; all day. I know it's a bad day when I'm actually flattered by the guy trying to talk to me out of his car window. He had a nice smile. I didn't show him mine.

God, you're extraordinary.

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