Friday, February 13, 2009

Dearest You,

I'm late on creating your Valentine Card for this year. I've been so out of it. I'm running on nearly four years now writing to you...waiting for you. It's crazy to think that in just a few short months from now I will be at a legal age to marry. That people in this world are starting families at my age. I'm wondering where you are tonight, and hoping you're getting closer. With every passing moment I feel you further away. It's mainly because with every passing moment I've only been drifting from my one true love, Jesus Christ my Savior. Tonight changed that, thank God. I feel back on track, more so than ever. I'm falling back into love with Jesus all over again. I'm desiring Him, hungering for Him...more like starving. We're being restored, and He's taking me back. I've asked Him to be my Valentine this year. I could literally feel Him smiling a nod at me as He took me into His arms and embraced me once again. I'm captured in His love. And I cannot wait until WE are captured in His love together. I cannot wait until we meet. I cannot wait until we spend our first Valentine day together. I cannot wait until I am being loved by Jesus through you, and for our lives to center around the One who loved us enough to give up His life for us. He's what will bring us together; isn't that fantastic? The beautiful love story He already has written for us is in process of being played out. It's coming into action soon enough; I feel it. Where are you, and how long will you take? The pages of our story will turn soon. Sometimes I wish I could turn them quicker, but the book remains in the hands of our Savior who has complete control of our timeline. He's got so much to do in me and probably some to do in you as well. He is reading aloud the chapter where He prepares our hearts and draws us closer to Him as we're slowly and simultaneously being drawn to one another. I look forward to you, and I'm working really hard on loving you today. Distractions make it difficult. I've been so unloving toward you lately. I haven't been that Proverbs 31 woman that loves you all the days of her life. I've forgotten you, and I am so sorry. I pray you will forgive me. You will be wonderful, I know it. And regardless of all the hurt I have experienced from previous romances, I know God is bringing you in to love me as He loves His Bride, with such passion and beauty, love I could never create in my wildest imaginations. I cannot wait to love you. Happy Valentine Day, my love.

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