Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's been months upon months since I've even talked with you. We used to be such good friends - talked nearly every day, met for Starbucks chats. Life got in the way and we just sort of went our separate ways. I've commented you numerous times on Facebook, yet you never comment back. I see you today and you look so unpleased (apparently, that isn't a word) to see me. I tell you how much I've missed you and you just half-heartedly laugh and shrug your shoulders. I tell you I want to hang out soon and catch up, and you blow it off and change the subject. When I tell you how unhappy you're making me because you're so uninterested in seeing me - you shrug your shoulders yet again.

I say this so regularly, but I feel it more and more every day;
I feel like a disease.

It's someone new every day.
something different.

There's never a reason given.
They're always just leaving.

I miss them all.
And none of them care.

I need to go blow dry my hair.

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