Monday, June 8, 2009

So What Happened Was...

I'm tired of people walking all over me. I'm tired of being a door mat, a pushover.
So I stood up for myself and I confronted a problem.

Sadie flew in from California last Monday and it couldn't have come sooner for me. I'd been preparing for weeks what we'd do for the week 1/2 we'd have together. We had so much planned, so much excitement built up. I was on the edge of my seat just waiting for her arrival; the few hours until her appearance seemed to have dragged on forever. I would be seeing one of my very best friends for the first time in a year. I couldn't have been more excited.

It was a different story for her. You see, she just moved from Delaware to California and had been missing a lot of her friends. She was going back to DE this summer, I was just her stop in between. I was the mark she had to hit before Delaware; and that made me more of a negative thing than anything else. I honestly believe that her excitement to be back in Delaware took over her excitement to be in Florida with me, thus turning it into anxiousness to leave. Almost every day I would hear her talking to a friend in Delaware, going on and on about how she couldn't wait to be back there with them. How Thursday she was going to be there and happy again.

At dinner the other night I expressed my sadness for her soon departure. She looked at me and said "It's kind of hard for me to be sad because I'm going to be going back to Delaware...but I'm sure after I'm there for a few weeks I'll start missing you..."


I truly and honestly believe without a doubt that she only saw Thursday as her arrival in Delaware rather than her departure from Florida. I believe that this caused her to constantly be on edge the entire time she was here...just itching for the days to pass quickly.

A lot of the time she was here she was rather rude. She complained quite a bit about quite a bit of things. My mom used her own sky miles to fly Sadie down here. I used my own money, time, energy, and effort to make her stay here as wonderful as it possibly could be. I sacrificed days of work (When Lord knows I'm not incredibly financially stable) so that we could spend more time together. When she wanted something, I got it. When she craved donuts, I bought Krispy Kreme. When she wanted candy, I picked up starburst. When she said "I want to play in the rain" I grabbed my bathing suit without a single thought and pulled her outside to stand underneath the heavy clouds. What Sadie wanted, Sadie got. I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted it to be a week 1/2 we would both never forget.

But she still complained. She was still rude. She still acted selfishly, and very ungrateful.
Then the moment came when she finally couldn't take another moment in Florida.

We were sitting at my work and my mom asked a favor of me. She was wanting me to walk down to a store and pick up an item for her. Obviously I was at work and unable, but I assumed that I could just request of Sadie to walk down to the store and pick it up for us. This is the gist of the conversation;

Me: (on phone with mom) Yeah Sadie can just use the credit card and get it for you...

Sadie: No I won't use a credit card, they'll ID me.

Me: (still on phone) Ok she's saying she doesn't want to use the card...but she can use my debit card...they won't ID her then because she'll use the pin number.

Sadie: (shaking head) No they'll ID me. I ALWAYS get ID'ed.

Me: (getting off the phone) Sadie what I'm saying is that you can use my debit card. They don't ID you when you use a debit card. You punch in a number...

Sadie: No I don't use anybody's cards. They always ID me. Every single time I use my mom's and my sister's, they ID me.

Me: Ok well I was just trying to do a favor for my mom...

Sadie: Fine Kristi I'll do it. Whatever. It's not a big deal.

Me: Well, obviously to you it is.

Sadie stands up and walks out, exclaiming that she cannot "take this" any longer.
She comes in about 15 minutes later and tells me she's leaving early. 
I soon after receive a telephone call from my mom letting me know that Sadie called her dad who made plans to have a friend in Tampa pick her up from the mall.

Sadie walked back in about half an hour later wanting to "talk"
She tried to explain that the past few days had just been "weird" and that it wasn't either one of us, but that she just couldn't stay here anymore.

That's when I let her have it. 
That's when I explained to her how much I did to make her happy this week.
That's when I explained the wasted sky miles to bring her here, the wasted money to make her happy all week, the sacrificed days of work I made to spend more time with her.
That's when I told her how rude she'd been. How much complaining she did. How ungrateful she was. And how much she couldn't wait to get back to Delaware.
That's when I told her that she could leave.

And that's when she did.

She was picked up, taken to my house to pack her bags, and left.
Then all her friends tried adding me on Facebook...
While she deleted me.

I don't like drama.
And sometimes I don't really like people.

We were supposed to take another big bubble bath today.
Instead I just took one alone. It was quite relaxing...and rather lonely.
I'm staying at Sarah's tonight. She's taking the manicure and pedicure that was purchased for Sadie tomorrow.
I love my best friend.

And my Jesus.

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