Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Cold Air Looks Better On Me Than You Ever Did

This cold air reminds me of you
and baby it looks better on me
than you ever did.
I've got my boots on now,
you've stomped on my heart 
With yours.
I've never felt so warm
Inside my sweater
Or hopeful in the arms of another.
But they look better on me than you ever could.
And I bet you're making nice with this weather
I bet you two are great friends
...Birds of a feather.
I haven't wanted anything so bad
As for you to be left out in this cold air
But you wouldn't mind it at all
It isn't near as cold as you
My thermometer outside is dropping
And so is the one in your heart
I see my breath so much clearer
when I'm close to you
And I'll walk out in my winter jacket
Swing my hips and rub my hands
You'll miss me in my winter jacket
It looks better on me
than you ever did.


It's getting worse every day. Sometimes, ashamedly, I find myself daydreaming of ways I could get back at the men that broke my heart. Ways I could make them fall for me once again only to crush their hearts like they did mine. 
That's not okay at all.

Where's my forgiveness? Where is my acceptance for change? I must have thrown that out the window a very long time ago. Now all I desire is to get even. I really don't like myself for that. I suppose I have a lot to work on.
Sometimes I'd rather not work on it at all.

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Anonymous said...

Let the Lord work on it inside of you... this isn't something that you can overcome with your own strength. Bitterness is ugly... BUT... the Lord can heal your heart and those hurting places and forgiveness WILL come... I promise!