Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dancing Dishonesty

I'll bop my head along

to the beat of your lies.

Tell me the secret,

How do they come so easily?

If I dance to your dishonesty,

Will you at least sway with me?

I suppose it would be like you,

To leave me out on the dance floor.

Just forget everything in this moment

And move

Keep moving, I'll tell you when to stop

Humming along to the

Same old song...

La la la

I love you?

Honey you don't know what love is...

I'll show you...

Move your hips,

Get involved.

I promise I won't call you out

Until they finish playing this song.

La la la

I love you?

Honey you never knew what love was...

I could never show you...

The song is settling down

Last few lines

Make it worth it, make it good

Because this is the last song you and I

Will ever dance to

La la la 

I couldn't love you

And Honey, you wish you knew what love was...

But I could never show you.

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