Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fooled, But Not Really

Let's play make believe, babe.
We'll really play it up.
I'll be a fool and you'll be honest;
They'll never buy it,
But it could be fun.

I never trusted a word you'd said.
But do you blame me?
"You're beautiful" only lasted
Twelve hours
Before you were sending me out the door.

I have a hard time seeing "Good Guy"
Because the moment you opened your mouth
Your cliche words screamed 'Typical'.
You don't fool me...

...But try as you must.
I'll play pretend with you.
I'll nod my head and smile
In response to every poorly formed syllable
that falls from your lips.

Did you make this stuff up?
You've had practice.
And I won't lie...
...You almost had me fooled.
But I'm no fool, baby.

You thought you had me pegged.
A sucker?
Tell me, how does it feel to be so wrong?
Don't lie...

Oh, and don't apologize.
It isn't like I didn't see this coming.
I was gone from the start,
I just played along
And you were playing with my heart...
But it stopped beating for you hours ago.

I'm not phased,
I wasn't interested anyway.

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